INCI: Phytelephas Aequatorialis Powder

The awareness of harmful side effects for synthetic ingredient in cosmetics, have led consumers in search for eco-friendly cosmetic that uses natural ingredients. Our Tagua nut Powder is a natural, biodegradable and sustainable raw material that is an excellent choice to use as an ingredient for body care and cosmetic purposes.

Pure Naturally

Our Tagua Nut powder is naturally white in color which provides an excellent appeal as a natural ingredient to beauty and skincare formulation. The porous characteristic of our ingredient allows it to be dyed with natural colorants to match your required needs for your product.

Our Tagua nut powder contains many microscopic pores which allow it to have excellent moisture absorption and oil control capabilities in comparison to other natural abrasives and minerals.

Superb Moisture

Absorption & Oil Control

Nourishing and Silky

Smooth Texture

Our Tagua nut powder contains natural fatty acids that is nourishing for skin. It is also less abrasive compared to other natural exfoliates and minerals since it is composed of endosperm that matures and hardens over time. When grinded into fine powder, our product provides gentle abrasive capability.

Our Tagua nut powder is a natural plant polysaccharide and therefore is completely biodegradable. In comparison to synthetic plastic microbeads, it is difficult to be filtered from our drainage which will cause detrimental effects to our ocean and marine life.

All Natural and


Conservation of Rainforest

and Local Jobs

By supporting the use of Tagua nut powder in your beauty products, you are providing forest dwellers and local communities in Ecuador a sustainable source of income thus allowing them to treasure and protect the rainforest for its resources.

INCI Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder
Origin South America
Appearance Grits, Powder
Color Ivory White
Odour Odourless
Common Names Corozo, Tagua, Vegetable Ivory
Uses Exfoliant, Texturizer, filler
Functions Exfoliating, whitening, nourishing, oil control, acne reduction
Applications Skin care products, cosmetics, facemask, soap, lipstick, baby powder, toothpaste, cleansing powder
Standard Sizes 60/80 Mesh
100/200 Mesh (for exfoliate use)
1000/2000 Mesh (for cosmetic ingredient use)
*custom sizes available upon request
Sterilization By UV irradiation or Gamma rays irradiation
Product Shelf Life 2 years