Plastic microbeads have been long used in the personal care industry as exfoliant agents (face/body wash, toothpastes and etc). The tiny beads are washed down the drain after use and are too small to be filtered by sewage treatment plants. Consequently, the non-degradable beads end up in the oceans resulting in harmful pollution to marine life. Growing concerns over the impact of plastic microbeads on marine life has convinced the government to act. Many countries such as Japan, US, UK and parts of Europe have enforced the ban in the sale of products containing plastic microbeads. We believe this movement will soon be enforced across the world.

We believe Tagua nut powder is an excellent alternative to plastic micobeads in cosmetics.  In our research and development, we have formulated our powder into various skincare products such as Tagua exfoliant, Tagua facial cleaner, Tagua cream, Tagua mask and Tagua essence.  We believe the applications with our Tagua Powder can be limitless!

Help the effort in minimizing deforestation of Andean rainforest by using more Tagua Nut powder in your cosmetics — Nourish use skin with natural Tagua nut powder!