It started with a discovery

Our founder first came across Tagua nut over 20 years ago and explored deep in the Andean rainforest to look for a natural material to produce carvings and jewelry in Asia.  Over the years, his business evolved into producing and distributing Tagua raw material for the garment industries.  Understanding the potential of this magic nut, Gabel Biotech was established to explore on finding new applications for this raw material. 

Harmful effects of plastics microbeads!

Plastic microbeads have been long used in the personal care industry as exfoliant agents (face/body wash, toothpastes and etc).  The tiny beads are washed down the drain after use and are too small to be filtered by sewage treatment plants.  Consequently, the non-degradable beads end up in the oceans resulting in harmful pollution to marine life. 

Say no to plastics microbeads!

Growing concerns over the impact of plastic microbeads on marine life has convinced the government to act.  Many countries such as Japan, US, UK and parts of Europe have enforced the ban in the sale of products containing plastic microbeads.  We believe this movement will soon be enforced across the world. 


A Natural Alternative Ingredient

Based on this opporutnity and our understanding of our Tagua raw material, our company, Gabel Biotech, and our brand, WILOR, was founded to introduce an alternative powder that is biodegradable and sustainably sourced from the Andean rainforest of South America called the Tagua nut Powder.

Sustainable And Eco-friendly Mindset

It is the mission of our company to share the amazing Tagua nut raw material to the world, so that people are offered an alternative that enables them to the minimization of environmental waste and the protection of the Andean rainforest for its rich resources.